Featuring: OFF THE COAST

And Marie's Children

The Fallout Shelter - 61 Endicott Street, Norwood, MA, 02062

Our 6th installment of LISTEN LOCAL promises to be one of the BEST with LOCAL Powerhouse band OFF THE COAST along with another stalwart local ensemble MARIE'S CHILDREN. The Fallout Shelter will we pumping for sure on June 15th!!


Young, talented and full of energy, Off the Coast is a band from Easton, MA that writes and plays pop, indie and classic/alternative rock. Brought together as Urban Lunchmeat in 2016, the band plays at local music venues, events, fundraisers, weddings and private parties around the Boston Area, Cape Cod, and RI. The band composes and records their own music and released their debut single "Kerosene" on October 21, 2022. We had them at our second OPEN MIC NIGHT back in October 2022 and in that short 15 minute set these cats blew us away with soulful harmonies and solid stage presence along with a plethora of musical talent. 


Another find from our OPEN MIC NIGHT series was frontman for Marie's Children Kevin Smith. His booming voice and soulful delivery caught our attention and sparked our interest in his full time band Marie's Children. The band plays original rock and is known for  great live shows as well as tight, hard driving music. "We are lucky enough to have some amazing people that have been on this journey with us. We formed because we enjoyed what happened when we created music together, and back then we never really knew who was gonna keep showing up to practice and if anyone else would show up to see us play. Thankfully people never let us down. So started the ride where we would become not only one of the best bands in Boston, but fans followed us to our gigs in LA, New York, and CT. More important than just coming to shows, people shared the experience." Says frontman and founder, Kevin Smith.

This edition of LISTEN LOCAL will be hard driving, soulful and undoubtedly...SOLD OUT! So get your tickets now!!

The Fallout Shelter is an all ages performance venue welcoming worldwide, world class music in an intimate setting. Our studio audience attends to watch the creation and production of our music television series' The Extended Play Sessions and LISTEN LOCAL. The Fallout Shelter events are immersive experiences for both audience and performers alike...a live music experience like no other. We have a wide selection of beer and wine for your adult beverage pleasures and each show comes with a free commemorative event poster. Our doors open at 6PM. Seating is General Admission. We recommend you arrive at the time the doors open.

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The Fallout Shelter - 61 Endicott Street, Norwood, MA, 02062