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This man is a songwriter on an entirely different level. His songs are four minute feature films about the human condition and the trials and toils of the everyman in all of us. He is simply put, a poet emeritus for modern times. His band is brilliant, his show is engaging, funny, sad, thought provoking and a personal favorite of many of us on the staff who look forward to his return.

Here he is from last year's performance.

Afton Wolfe is Mississippi. Born in McComb, and growing up in Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Greenville, Mississippi, the roots of American music are in his DNA. Additionally, he spent his musically formative years in and around New Orleans, where the humidity of the Mississippi Delta combined with the Cajun seasonings, the jazz, zydeco, creole, and gospel music and his Mississippi roots coalesce to add resonance and depth to his blues/country/rock influences. If you could blend Tom Waits and Dr. John vocally you would end up somewhere near Afton Wolfe and if you could take the songwriting style of Tom Waits...the ability to strip life down to it's most simplistic irony and pipe it through the musical style of Dr. John...or The Band...well, you get where this is going. This is music that is intricately puzzled together, brilliantly written and performed. It's contemporary and familiar while paying homage to the long  entangled history of American Roots music and culture.

Afton used the tension of the pandemic and surrounding political climate to fuel his creativity again. Kings for Sale is the product of that. The new record defies genres while still being distinctly Afton. The record, released in June of 2021,was produced by Oz Fritz (Bill Laswell, Tom Waits, The Ramones, Bob Marley, Ginger Baker and many others) and featuring an enviable assortment of great musicians, including but not limited to Cary Hudson (Blue Mountain, Taylor Street Grocery Band), Daniel Seymour (David Olney, Tommy Womack), Adam "Ditch" Kurtz (Great Peacock, Carrus and Kurtz), Ben Babylon (SpoBro, Sir Please), Laura Rabell, Kristen Englenz, Blaise Hearn, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, and several more.

In Afton Wolfe’s latest EP, Twenty-Three, the Nashville-based artist, vocalist, musician,  songwriter and collector/inhabiter of powerful songs, finds those rare and unusual spaces between dreams and wide awakenings, sorrow and joy. Although he jokes as being “pathologically insecure and awkward,” the songs on this five-song release are hardly shy or reserved — balanced with emotional elegance and fearless sentiment, and presented with vocal confidence backed by soul singers, Regina McCrary and Melanie Dewey, rich saxophone and trumpet sounds, and melodies that stretch deep into your “Late Night Radio” visions.


As great songwriters go...Marcos Esteves is as good as it gets. His lyrics are poignant, brilliantly conceived and deeply emotional. His songs are crafted on the very highest level.

Norris the Terrible is an energetic 5-piece alternative folk-rock band from Southern Massachusetts. In a world where people are obsessed with self-aggrandizing and social posturing, Norris the Terrible’s mission is to open a new conversation through their music; one where people can be vulnerable about their pain, their fear and their “terribleness”. This is where community truly begins. With heartfelt lyrics, memorable hooks, and soaring guitar solos, Norris The Terrible is sure to have you tapping your toes, bobbing your head and dancing in the aisles.

These Massachusetts natives are making a major splash in the Boston music scene, with their new single Circlin Dogs releasing very soon.

Lead vocals: Marcos Esteves
Guitar/Lap Steel: Peter Hamel
Guitar: Matt Hersee (Former Competitive Guitar Hero Player)
Bass: Josh Jordan
Drums: John Fugere

The Fallout Shelter is an all ages performance venue welcoming worldwide, world class music in an intimate setting. Our studio audience attends to watch the creation and production of the music television series The Extended Play Sessions. The Fallout Shelter events are immersive experiences for both audience and performers alike...a live music experience like no other. We are fully ADA compliant and have wheelchair access. We have a wide selection of beer and wine for your adult beverage pleasures and each show comes with a free commemorative event poster. Our doors open at 6PM. Seating is General Admission. We recommend you arrive at the time the doors open.

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The Fallout Shelter - 61 Endicott Street, Norwood, MA, 02062